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Head Office: Addajet Limited, SkyWay Offices, 177/8 Marina Street, Pieta PTA2904, Malta


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About Us

addaJet was founded back in 2008 with the sole aim being that of developing cutting-edge software for the travel technology industry. With its headquarters based in Malta, we can proudly say that nowadays we have a global footprint.
Our target audience for our products are hotels, travel companies, travel channels and tour operators. Our tools include revenue, marketing and distribution services including a fully dynamic packaging solution with hotels, flights, tours, excursions and airport transfers.


Our Team

addaJet is a fully private organisation funded by a team of shareholders who are not only industry experts, but who also have a successful track record with major companies, amongst them WorldRes,eRavMax/ RateTiger and FTI Group.

Sascha Hausmann - CEO

Sascha Hausmann - CEO

Lars Hahn - CFO

Lars Hahn - CFO

Clifton Dingli Bennetti - CTO

Clifton Dingli Bennetti - CTO

Andrew Ransley - VP Sales EMEA

Andrew Ransley - VP Sales EMEA

Werner Meyer - VP Distribution

Werner Meyer - VP Distribution

Casey Davy - VP Sales AMERICAS

Casey Davy - VP Sales AMERICAS

Prashant Menon - VP Sales APAC

Prashant Menon - VP Sales APAC



Head Office

addaJet Limited
SkyWay Offices
177/8 Marina Street
Pieta PTA2904

Phone: +356 2201 9888
email: sales@addajet.com